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Endorsed: Twin Cities DSA Supports McGarr for Shakopee City Council

Members of the Twin Cities Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (Twin Cities DSA or TCDSA) voted to endorse Bradly McGarr for Shakopee City Council on Sunday, July 29th. McGarr for Shakopee was one of two campaigns endorsed, the other being Jennifer Nguyen–Moore for Ramsey County Commissioner District 3. A total of seven campaigns had requested endorsement.

“I am excited and honored to have the support of an amazing group of activists and organizers.” Brad said. “The members of Twin Cities DSA work hard to address the seemingly endless list of injustices in our world, through education, action, and advocacy. In supporting this campaign, TCDSA is here to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the working people of Shakopee in solidarity in building a community where we can thrive, and ensuring our city works for our citizens.”

“In the process providing feedback for Envision Shakopee, the people of Shakopee made it clear they were ready for leadership that advocated for density, affordable housing, walkable communities, better transit, environmental stewardship, and diversity. To be something other than just a bedroom community of commuters. This is why I am running, and this is why TCDSA chose to back us.”

McGarr has been a member of TCDSA since 2016 and was sent as a chapter delegate to the National Convention in Chicago in 2017, and currently helps organize the Minnesota Valley Branch, covering the southwest suburbs and rural communities of the twin cities metro, including Scott County and Shakopee. Twin Cities DSA is a local chapter of the Democratic Socialiats of America, an organization of over 47,000 nationwide. Previously, DSA backed the Bernie Sanders presidential primary campaign, and currently is supporting a variety of candidates at various levels of government nationally. You can find out more about TCDSA at


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