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Bradly McGarr Announces Candidacy For Shakopee City Council

I am pleased to announce my intent to file as a candidate for Shakopee City Council. I am running to represent the people of Shakopee and work to ensure that our city is a place where people can work and live.

Affordable housing is a major issue our city is facing. I live and work in the city, on the salaries of people who work in education. As wages across the county stagnate and are outpaced by rising costs of living, City Councils will have to work harder to make sure that their cities remain places where people who work here can also live here.

We need a city council that will be cognizant of the needs of all of our residents, and not just a desire to ‘grow at any cost’, or allow development to take a precedence over the people who live here.

Currently, I work in our public school system, as a Technology Assistant/Paraeducator at Red Oak Elementary. Previously, I worked as a support engineer at Intel Security (McAfee) supporting enterprise information security devices for corporations and governments the world over. I also am active locally, volunteering my time as a storm spotter with Metro Skywarn and the National Weather Service, and serving the people of Shakopee on the Parks, Recreation, Trails & Open Space Steering Committee.

I believe that our government, especially our city government, must champion the needs and desires of its citizens as well as be good stewards of the public dollar. We must strive to make sure that all our decisions are for the benefit of the community and the people who live here, and not just corporations and developers.

I look forward to meeting more of my neighbors over the coming months as we begin our campaign.

I encourage people to visit and read more about me and my campaign and find out how you can stay in touch and remain involved. Together, we can guide Shakopee into a future we can all be proud of.

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