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The Positive Choice:

For Accountability. For Democracy. For Shakopee.

Bradly L. McGarr, Candidate for Shakopee City Council
Bradly L. McGarr, Candidate for Shakopee City Council

Every day when I bring my daughter back across the river from her daycare, she exclaims “Look, Dada! It’s MY Shakopee, Minnesota!” A vibrant, full of energy three-year-old loves our city, loves our parks, begs us to take her downtown: to eat at one of downtown’s restaraunts, or to watch “Loons Games” at Shakopee Brewhall. I want everyone in Shakopee to feel that connection, that excitement about our city. I want everyone as they cross the 101 Bridge to go “It’s MY Shakopee, Minnesota!” After all, it is OUR Shakopee, Minnesota!

My name is Bradly (“Brad”) McGarr, and I am running to represent you on our City Council.

Like many of you, I work for a living: I am a Technology Assistant Paraeducator at Red Oak Elementary here in Shakopee. I live near Shakopee City Hall with my wife, Beth, and our daughter Annabelle. I am here to represent the people of Shakopee, especially those who live paycheck-to-paycheck.

What I Stand For


Government is and must always be accountable to it’s citizens, and must provide as much transparency as possible. Elected officials must remember that ultimately they answer to the people, they are merely temporary stewards of our city. As city councilor, this will never be about me: it is about what is best for the people of Shakopee!


I believe that society is best served when democracy is the norm, but it must be a democracy that is built on the protections of the rights and liberties of all people. As city councilor, you can trust that your thoughts, concerns, and ideas will not only be heard, but taken to heart. My door is always open to hear what is on your mind, and how the City can make all our lives better. Most importantly, I believe listening keenly to the youth of our community. They will inherent everything we do, for better or worse. Their thoughts, their concerns, their visions are often dismissed by older adults. Whether it’s students at our elementary schools or our secondary schools, city council represents them just as much as it does anyone else.


Shakopee is a great community to call home. It is diverse and vibrant. It’s not just a bedroom community of commuters into the cities but a place where people live, work, and play. I want to make sure that Shakopee remains just that! We need good paying jobs for people, but we also need to ensure that people can afford to live here and work in the same city. Our city lacks affordable housing that would allow more people who work at the companies in town to also live here, instead of having to commute in from other areas. We need more robust transportation options for people who cannot or do not have a vehicle. We need to make Downtown Shakopee a place to be. Shakopee needs to retain it’s character and identity instead of being yet another example of sprawl. Shakopee needs fewer luxury apartments that cater to commuters, and instead affordable housing where the people who make this city function can live and thrive.


It’s Time For A Positive Change

With all of our potential our city is unfortunately becomingly increasingly linked with dysfunction, corruption, or scandal of some variety. It’s not fair to the hard working people who call this city home to have the reputation continuously linked to something negative. We need positive change that can help ensure Shakopee remains a vibrant, diverse community that is affordable and meets the needs of it’s residents. We need a city council we can be proud of, and I would like the opportunity to be your voice.